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    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2024) CAMPOVERDE PATIÑO, LUIS ARMANDO; ORDÓÑEZ LASO, ANA LUISA DE ROCÍO; 0302740642
    Financial analysis is considered essential to evaluate the economic and financial situation, identify financial opportunities and challenges, and support strategic decisions of both public and private organizations, including credit unions. This research aims to evaluate the importance given to financial analysis as a fundamental tool in the managerial decision-making process in credit unions in the city of Cañar. Therefore, surveys have been conducted, and an analysis of the leading financial indicators has been prepared. This work highlights the global relevance of financial analysis in varied business and economic environments, from the international to the local level, including multinational companies, the local government, and national companies, in which it is recognized that financial analysis drives informed decisions. The concern in credit unions, as demonstrated in previous studies conducted in Tisaleo and Latacunga, is for these entities’ viability, sustainability, and financial efficiency. This research concludes by expressing that credit unions in Cañar canton mostly enjoy a healthy financial situation but face specific challenges that require attention.
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    Gestión y control de inventarios para la toma de decisiones en la empresa Viglac
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2023) Angamarca López, Lizbeth Johanna; Renan Teodoro, Rodriguez Pillaga; 0350326898
    Nowadays, a company must have an inventory management and control model since it is a tool that allows the clear and accurate details of the different products, raw materials, and other resources available at any given time. In this sense, the objective of this study is to diagnose inventory management and control for decision-making in the company VIGLAG. The research was descriptive, non-experimental, and explanatory, approached under a qualitative/quantitative approach through a case study in which actors such as the accountant, the manager, and the suppliers contributed. A structured interview with open-ended questions and an observation form were also applied. The most relevant results showed that the operation of this business organization manages three types of inventories: raw material, finished products, and products in process; each one of them keeps an updated accounting record, being reliable and accurate information when making decisions in the face of a conflict or problematic situation that could condition the production line. The management of this information is based on the FIFO model (first in, first out) and the standard costing system. It is concluded that VIGLAG has acceptable inventory control and management, using innovative tools that adapt to the changing needs of the market, which allows taking advantage of the raw material and not generating economic losses. Keywords: inventory, management, control, model, decisions.
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    Participación de la mujer en negocios familiares, en la ciudad de Cañar.
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2023) Campoverde Ochoa, Erika Celeste; Ruiz Alvarado, Priscila Isabel; 0303012868
    The participation of women in family businesses represents a powerful means to achieve sustainable personal and professional development, breaking barriers, challenging the stereotypes imposed by society, and creating a scenario that actively integrates more women into the business world. This study aims to analyze women’s participation in family businesses in Cañar using a mixed research approach with a descriptive scope by applying the survey technique on a sample selected through the simple random sampling method from the population under study. It corresponds to 346 businesses in the Intercultural Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Canton Cañar database. The results show that women are seen as capable and visionary leaders with strong management skills, inspiring younger generations. In conclusion, perseverance has been a critical factor for women to be heard and appreciated. Keywords: women's participation, family businesses, gender equality.
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    Motivación y desempeño laboral en el sector cooperativo en la ciudad de Cañar.
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2023) Tenezaca Quizhpi, Mariuxi Isabel; Orbe Guaraca, Mariory Prisila; 0350000659
    This study aimed to analyze the relationship between motivation and work performance in the cooperative sector in the city of Cañar by identifying the motivational factors that influence employee performance and evaluating how these factors translate into better individual and organizational efficiency. Through descriptive research, a questionnaire was used to collect information, administered to a population of 50 employees from the eight entities within the local cooperative sector. The research results revealed a significant relationship between motivation and work performance in the cooperative sector of the city of Cañar since motivated employees exhibited higher performance and efficiency in their workplace. In conclusion, this study highlighted the importance of promoting motivation as a critical element to enhance the work performance of employees and, therefore, the success and growth of cooperatives. Keywords: motivation, work performance, cooperative, employee.
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    Análisis de los factores que influyen en la calidad de vida laboral de los empleados del Gadic Cañar.
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2023) Pichizaca Chicaiza , Ines; Orbe Guaraca , Mariory Prisila; 0350117743
    Quality of work life is essential for the well-being and satisfaction of employees within organizations. This research aims to analyze the factors influencing the quality of work life of GADIC employees in Cañar using descriptive research through data collection tools, such as surveys administered to a sample of 169 GADIC employees. After the analysis, it was evident that the perception of a positive work environment and comprehensive and motivating leadership was associated with greater productivity and efficiency at work. It was also revealed that the balance between work and personal life, management support, and professional development opportunities impact employees’ quality of work life. In conclusion, investing in improving the quality of work life should be considered a critical strategy for the success and sustainability of any modern organization. Keywords: Occupational health, Public servants, municipal administration, work motivation.