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    La educación sexual frente al embarazo adolescente en la Unidad Educativa Andrés F. Córdova de la ciudad de Cañar.
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2024) Ojeda Narvaez, Karen Amanda; Chacha Lozano, Diana Gabriela; Urgiles León, Sandra Jackeline; 0302323977
    Teenage pregnancy is the state of pregnancy of women between 10 and 19 years of age. It is considered a global problem because there is a high mortality range, transmission of sexual diseases, and school dropouts. Thus, when starting and maintaining an active sexual life at an early age, it is important to have adequate knowledge of sexual and reproductive rights to have a tool to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Therefore, this research aims to analyze how sexual education affects adolescent pregnancy in the “Andrés F. Córdova” Educational Unit. The methodology used the quantitative approach, with the survey technique, applied to 38 pregnant students from the educational unit under study. The type of research was descriptive and correlational. The results indicate that in the institution, there is little information on all the topics that are part of sexual education, which is why it is concluded that the lack of sexual education negatively influences adolescent pregnancy as it is non-existent. Consequently, it symbolizes the fact that it is extremely positive if it is present in adolescents’ lives because it would serve as a guide on sexual and reproductive rights; by having all this knowledge, early or unwanted pregnancies can be avoided.
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    El embarazo en la adolescencia y su influencia en la deserción escolar y el trabajo infantil
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2023) Célleri Alvear, Ruth Paulina; Fernández Aucapiña, Nancy Yolanda; 0603270414
    Early pregnancy is an unmistakable sign of inequality, social injustice, and violation of the human rights of children and adolescents. This condition produces a complex biopsychosocial imbalance in adolescents, risking their health and life. It is caused by poverty, marginalization, low education, and cultural patterns, among others; it also generates school dropout and child labor as consequences. This research analyzes the repercussions of adolescent pregnancy on education, school dropout, and child labor in patients treated in two health centers in Cuenca, Ecuador, from January 2020 to July 2021. Within the methodology, a quantitative approach with a non-experimental transectional design was determined. The research had a descriptive and explanatory scope; the deductive method allowed the formulation of hypotheses tested with the PSPP statistical program. Furthermore, we worked with the universe considering the 281 cases. The results show that adolescent pregnancy influences school dropout, mainly in adolescents between 13 and 18 years of age, and in child labor, especially in adolescents who have dropped out of school. The conclusion is that adolescent pregnancy is one of the most significant social problems affecting this population's life project, causing severe repercussions in the educational sphere.
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    La pobreza como factor asociado al embarazo adolescente: niveles económicos
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2024) Almeida Bazurto, Marife Jacqueline; Kastdalen Mendoza, Nathalie Anette; Urgilés, Sandra; 0107748923; 2000110441
    Teen pregnancy is a global problem, with only a slight decrease in most countries in recent years. The regions with the highest teenage pregnancy rates are low- and middle-income countries. In the national context, Ecuador is ranked as one of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean with the highest rate of pregnancy in the country. Therefore, the objective of this research was to analyze poverty as a factor associated with teenage pregnancy in a medical center in the city of Cuenca-Ecuador. The findings showed that most teenagers belonged to a medium economic condition and poverty and to a Medium Typical C+ and Medium Low C- economic level. In addition to this, in the medium condition, teenagers were able to access better jobs, and in a poverty condition, they represented one of the highest percentages of illness. Therefore, it was established that a medium-low economic level and a poverty condition are factors associated with teenage pregnancy.
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    Factores que inciden en la violencia intrafamiliar en los estudiantes de bachillerato de la Unidad Educativa Fiscomisional “Río Cenepa”, Morona Santiago-Ecuador
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2024) Astudillo Samaniego, Natividad Alexandra; Tapia Segarra, Jenny Irlanda; 0105745327
    Domestic violence, a phenomenon that transcends various social spheres and significantly affects family structures, is a universal problem that manifests itself in all social classes, cultures, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, and sexual orientations. This type of violence can include physical, psychological, and emotional abuse and has severe and lasting repercussions on the health and wellness of individuals and families. This problem not only deteriorates personal and family relationships but also has a deep impact on the psychosocial development and academic performance of the victims, especially children and adolescents. The objective of the study was to identify domestic violence and its influence on psychosocial factors and academic performance in high school students of the “Río Cenepa” High School in Morona Santiago, Ecuador. These findings show the importance of addressing the emotional and academic effects of domestic violence to develop effective intervention strategies that can improve children’s wellness and school performance. The research managed to identify the presence of domestic violence and its influence on psychosocial factors and the academic performance of students. A correlation was found between domestic violence and psychosocial factors; another significant correlation was evident between emotional wellness and academic performance, and also between domestic violence at home and academic performance. There is a need to implement intervention strategies that address domestic, psychosocial, and academic violence.
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    Factores sociales que provocan la mendicidad en niños, niñas y adolescentes en la ciudad de Cuenca – Ecuador.
    (Universidad Católica de Cuenca., 2023) Paladines Coello, Giovanna Jamileth; Quichimbo Sapatanga, Martha Isabel; Tapia Segarra, Jenny; 0706151214; 0106015621
    Introduction. Begging is a social problem that is directly linked to inequality and poverty. It becomes a factor of social inequality when it is considered that it arises based on the lack of socioeconomic resources within a family. The situation of begging among children and adolescents is based on problems such as: human mobility and scarce labor opportunities. The objective of this research is to identify the social factors that cause begging among children and adolescents in the Fundación Ciudadanos en Acción in the city of Cuenca. Methodology. A descriptive quantitative methodology was used to meet the objective and its design was non-experimental. Results. The results obtained show that social factors, especially the scarce job opportunities, have a significant impact on the family structure, thus generating begging activities. Conclusion. The conclusions indicate that both human mobility and employment opportunities constitute causes of child begging, since children and adolescents feel the need to support their families by using this means to obtain money and food. It is therefore recommended that comprehensive strategies be developed to promote decent employment, access to education and social protection, providing children and their parents with an opportunity for a more secure and prosperous future.