Content and language integrated learning: teaching L2 at universities through students’ major

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Universidad Católica de Cuenca
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is an approach in which content is delivered through a second language, becoming a tool to deliver information. This paper evaluated the viability of implementing CLIL at Universidad Católica de Cuenca Language Center. This research also explored university students' perception of studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at the university level. After implementing the CLIL approach, this paper described the effect on students’ speaking skills. A placement speaking test was applied at the beginning of the 8-week course and another at the end. A Survey was applied to find topics of interest from students’ majors, reasons for taking English classes, how they feel when using English to communicate, and motivation. This study used two Intermediate 2 (B1) in the period October-December 2022. One group (control group) received regular classes following the official curriculum, and the other group (experimental group) had the intervention of CLIL. The findings provided valuable information on whether an intervention of CLIL with university students who take EFL as a requirement to graduate from their undergraduate program is viable. The results of this study offered information about the impact of CLIL not only on English proficiency but also on the motivation toward L2 and cooperative learning.
Palabras clave
Teaching method (CLIL), foreign language, standards, skills
Pila-Requeiro, M., & Guamán Luna, M. M. (2023). Content and language integrated learning: teaching L2 at universities through students’ major. Revista Metropolitana de Ciencias Aplicadas, 6(S1), 261-270