Abdominal circumference cut-off point: an overview

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Universidad Católica de Cuenca
Introduction: Obesity is currently considered as a “pandemic” because it is a health challenge both in developed and developing countries, reducing life expectancy by up to 20 years. Abdominal circumference (AC) serves for the diagnosis and prognosis of associations with chronic noncommunicable diseases. Objective: To provide an overview of the cut- off point for AC. Methods: A literature review was performed; the sources of information were Medline, Scopus, Embase, Pubmed, ScienceDirect and Springer Link in Spanish and English, between 2016 and 2021. Results: With the bibliography collected, it can be determined that this anthropometric value reflects clinical usefulness for prognosis and diagnosis. The study showed there is a discrepancy regarding the reference point of the AC between WHO, ATPIII and ALAD. Conclusion: The impact of this review lies in the urgent search for a cut-off point for AC
Palabras clave
abdominal obesity,, abdominal circumference,, abdominal perimeter,, cardiovascular disorders,, metabolic syndrome.
Peralta Andrade, Karla Alexandra, & Palacio Rojas,Marcos Ali. (2022). Abdominal circumference cut-off point: an overview. Archivos Venezolanos De Farmacología Y Terapéutica, 41(3), 299–306.