Análisis de factibilidad para implementación de paneles solares flotantes para embalses de presas hidroeléctricas. Caso de estudio Mazar en Ecuador

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Universidad Católica de Cuenca
This article analyzes the feasibility for the implementation of floating solar panels in reservoirs. For this, the Mazar hydroelectric dam in Ecuador will be taken as a case study. It is intended to contribute to the growing demand of the country and the transition processes that Ecuador and the world are experiencing towards renewable energies that are more friendly to the environment. Ecuador has a large contribution of hydroelectricity in its energy matrix, which represents an opportunity to take advantage of reservoirs, which are areas that can be better used to implement floating solar panels, as is done in other countries of the world. It is of special interest to be able to increase the power generation capacity with floating solar energy and, on the other hand, reduce the levels of use of fossil fuels. This case study can be an important basis to replicate in other hydroelectric power plants in Ecuador and be a reference at the international level.
Palabras clave
Renewable Energy,, floating solar panels,, reservoirs,, hydroelectric dams,, Mazar in Ecuador.