Scale of fear of COVID-19 (Fcv-19s) in Ecuadorian Population

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Universidad Católica de Cuenca
The COVID 19 pandemic has generated a strong impact worldwide with psychological, social and economic consequences. This study consists of the validation of the COVID-19 Fear Scale (FCV-19S) in the ecuadorian adult population, analyzing reliability, as well as the validity criteria based on its internal structure in a sample of 946 Ecuadorian adults aged 18 to 65 years and of both sexes (Males= 40.2%; Females=59.8%). In relation to reliability, the FCV-19S shows adequate values (α=0.888; =0.890), the confirmatory factor analysis shows adequate values in relation to the test validity criteria based on the internal structure of the FCV-19S. The present study shows that the FCV-19S is an instrument for the evaluation of the fear of COVID 19 with reliability and validity in the Ecuadorian context and at the same time generates new lines of research about its psychometric properties in relation to other variables
Palabras clave
FCV-19S, fear of COVID 19, adaptation, validation, Ecuador.