Passive bioclimatic strategy : use of oil and gravel as high density specific heat roofing materials

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Universidad Católica de Cuenca
This study details the use of materials for roof construction systems as a passive bioclimatic strategy, in the search for improving the comfort conditions of buildings located in a mid-latitude, humid and temperate climate, where the average annual temperatures fluctuate between 15 ºC and 18 ºC and comfort in a sedentary state range between 22 ºC and 25 ºC. Radiation, with a value of 4,116 w/m . Having the environmental conditions indicated, the bioclimatic strategy referred to above was chosen, since, under this scenario, it is required to maintain an optimal comfort condition. Soil, gravel and grass, in addition to being materials with a high bioclimatic potential, have an ideal thermal conductivity. The proposed systems satisfy comfort, maintain an adequate internal temperature, are natural and environmentally sustainable systems. The use of physical scale models, as illustration models, allowed to clearly observe the behavior of each scenario, taking into consideration all climatic variables.
Palabras clave
Estrategia bioclimatica pasiva, cubiertas, sistemas constructivos, nivel de confort